Make a website that portrays the essence of what our company stands for: betterment of health and human life through high quality implants.
Pranav Thakkar, Director
Miraclus Orthotech is a new orthopaedic implant manufacturing company, based in Ahmedabad, India. With the use of cutting edge technology, they bring to India the highest quality of implants at competitive rates.
The company aimed to have a website that, apart from showcasing the rapidly increasing range of products it manufactured, gives a humane touch to their field of business.
Information Architecture
The structure of the website in terms of information was pretty straight forward. The only major thing to be taken care of was the flow up and down the multiple levels of heirarchy, which we wanted to achieve with as few clicks as possible.
The focus was to make the user feel emotionally connected to the brand. Hence, images formed an important part of the layout. Content was worked around the images that were used in different capacities depending on the purpose.
Full page background images were used as part of a full page slideshow for the home page.
For each page, the entire width of the browser was used to display rich images relevant to the page.
Written content was kept to a minimum and emphasis was given to product images and interactive content.
Even pages such as the contact page were designed to have full width Google Maps in the background to maintain consistency and make it innovative.
Different shades of blue were chosen as the colour palette in order to keep the look in line with the branding. The home page was designed to have three images in a slideshow featuring different pages of the website.
Full width images were used in the background, over which relevant content was overlay. Interactive content was places on each product page, with colour boxes opening on hovering over designated feature points.
In the machine detail layout, again the emphasis was on showing all information at the same time. To accommodate this, segregation of data was done, with the most important information grouped at the top, with other data following it.