Site Shuttle is a startup based in Ahmedabad, India, that aims to use technology to enable construction companies to keep real-time control over their equipment.
The company wanted a modern dasboard for the desktop, from where the operations team can check the status, view trends and monitor critical parameters of all their equipment that is deployed in the field.
The dashboard had to be modern in look and feel, intuitive and easy to use even for the first-time user, and efficient with the information that it displayed.
What we want is a dashboard which shows only that information which is necessary and useful, with the most important and critical data first.
Siddharth, Founder
Information Architecture
The most important task in this process of giving structure to the application was to set a system of navigation that is only one level deep, meaning a 2-tier heirarchy.
This was required to ensure the ease of use of the application to even the first time user. This also facilitated easy lateral navigation between different modules.
It was made very clear from the beginning that all important data had to be shown in full with minimum clicks to switch between elements. So, the most important decision while designing the layout was to achieve that without the layout seeming cluttered.
After a few iterations, we decided to use tabs to facilitate easy switching between the summary and detail pages.
In the machine detail layout, again the emphasis was on showing all information at the same time. To accommodate this, segregation of data was done, with the most important information grouped at the top, with other data following it.
Simple and clean fonts were used to ensure proper focus on the information. Adequate white space was provided to maintain readability and promote ease of use.
Lines, buttons and borders were designed to give a modern skin to the application.