Trip Cravings is a mobile and web application through which anyone can get customized itineraries for a trip they are planning. By answering a few questions about the trip and themselves, such as preferred locations, budget purpose, a traveller can get completely tailored itineraries at no cost.
It was near mandatory to have a web as well as a mobile application to make it easier for users to access this service. Both these platforms needed a user form asking the user his or her preferences in an easy and flowing manner.
The right question following the previous one, in the correct form, is the most critical factor for the success of this idea.
Sharva, Co-founder
Information Architecture
The questions that the user is required to answer had to be arranged in a form in a way such that the process didn't seem too long and demanding, and at the same time, gave the application all the information required to make a customized itinerary tailored to the user?s preferences.
The questions regarding the trip and the travellers were ordered with the trip questions being asked first and traveller information being asked later. We made sure most information to be entered was kept optional, keeping only certain information mandatory for the user to enter.
In order to prevent the use of long forms, we divided the information into steps, spread over a few screens, so that the user would find it easy to fill out information.
We made sure the home page looked attractive, and that it clearly tells the visitor the exact purpose of the website or mobile app.
The forms were kept simple and miminal, with plenty of spacing, so that the overall layout looked neat despite having images in the background.
Use of appropriate background images of unique trip locations added to the overall experience of the user as they typed in information.
We decided to keep the same idea of images behind forms in the mobile app to have the same user experience on both platforms.
We kept the exact same forms in the web application, with the exception that the images were in full resolution and the description on each page was elaborated in order to give a more personal touch to the overall experience.